Over 10 system users!

Over 15 million export shipment per month!

Shipments can be sent to 50 countries including Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and the U.S.A!

Over 200,000 supply chain companies linked to our system!

Tokyo Olympic sponsor SNIFF GROUP management

Chinese import agent,
With THECKB,you can rest assured

We undertake everything from research, negotiation, purchasing, inspection, and delivery!

We cater to a wide range of needs, from major retailers to individuals.

Major business partners

Major Partners/API Collaborating Companies


/THE CKB is a B2B/B2C supply chain platform operated by SNIFFGROUP, a large Japan-China trading company, which provides B2B/B2C for Japanese EC sellers.

Utilizing big data to achieve personalization effects according to store merchandise, unit prices, and trends.
Utilizing blockchain technology, we have made the entire process transparent, from product purchase to delivery.
Using AI robots, even overseas direct delivery can be achieved within 48 hours.

Understand the charm of THECKB in 100 seconds

What kind of company is the SNIFF GROUP that operates THE CKB?
We will explain the service of THE CKB that solves the problem of the import business in the video.

THE CKB service

  • 仕入れサービス

    Purchasing service

    Peer lowest price
    We provide services related to product procurement such as purchasing, OEM, and ODM. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers.

  • 検品サービス

    Inspection service

    Superior quality
    We provide services related to quality control such as product inspection and repair. We provide total support from arrival to shipment based on customer requests or Japanese quality standards.

  • 物流サービス

    Logistics service

    fastest shipping
    We provide services related to logistics such as international transportation and warehousing. We aim to reduce logistics costs by offering products at the lowest possible prices.

  • 販促サービス

    promotional services

    Fastest sales growth
    We support the provision of know-how necessary for EC, such as product photography, translation, and web seminars. We will support you financially with financial support of up to 30 million yen.

Customer's voice

Risa Yoshioka

They are familiar with the process of creating and shipping FBA shipments, and receive accurate information (such as the size of the cardboard box and the number of items in each shipping box) to ensure a smooth delivery to Amazon.

The person in charge also actively worked on the task and was helpful. We are very grateful that you always try to meet our needs as much as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Our customers appreciate our high quality and fastspeed. There are many brands that set up shop in our company, we provide them with ODM and product inspection, we have the high quality that they want to introduce to other companies.

Since our clients who have compared multiple companies have been favorable to us, THE CKB is a business partner that we can recommend.

Kenji Tsukahara

With THE CKB, the burden here is greatly reduced. This is a safe and reliable service. Shipping was very fast. While announcements are delivered to users in about two weeks on average, in many cases it actually takes about a week.

The inspection is done properly, and the preparation for shipment is very quick and helpful. I am satisfied with the quick response. We also use solid cardboard, so there are almost no simple defects such as crushing of the box during transportation.