Finished product purchase service

Our staff will search the products you want!

We will maximize the price difference and look for products with high profit margins.

Strengths of our finished product purchase service

  • Own purchase channel

  • Maximize price difference with domestic market

  • Multinational procurement available


  • Fashion


  • Interior groceries

    Interior groceries

  • Sporting goods

    Sporting goods

  • Outdoor equipment

    Outdoor equipment

  • Home & Kitchen

    Home & Kitchen

  • Pet Supplies

    Pet Supplies

  • DIY supplies

    DIY supplies

  • Stationary


  • Office supplies

    Office supplies

  • Computer & Accessories

    Computer & Accessories

Full support system


Even if you are inexperienced in EC sales, we will support you by proposing a wide range of products such as apparel and miscellaneous goods.


We support the operation of EC sites that can be purchased from overseas and sold in Japan.


All operations, from product ordering to delivery, are centrally managed by our web system, which efficiently supports troublesome purchasing operations.

For any questions or concerns regarding THE CKB service, please contact us here.

Thank you, we have exceeded 35,000 system users! Smooth process from product selection to ordering and shipping!

Instructions for use

"I will explain the flow of using the service.You can start using it in as little as 5 minutes."

System guide

Click here for details on how to operate the system. Chat support is also available if you have any questions.


FAQS from new customers