An experienced Chinese importer talks abouthis worries

Furthermore, the response from the agency is slow,
There are also problems such as irrelevant answers to inquiries,
Isn't there?

Would you like to solve these problems withTHE CKB

Things I couldn't do because I didn't have time, things I didn't know how to do, etc.
You can also try new things.

We aredoing it with this kind of feeling!

Making global trade easier

With the theme of " Making Global Trade Easier", THE CKB has specialzied in a number of purchasing and sales activities. We continue to grow with day-to-day support and now we have THE CKB service.

・Provide customers with better products to endusers
・To provide more satisfying services
・To reduce the burden on customers and costs

We will do our best to support both toB/toC.

In addition, as an import agency in China, we will continue to provide more customers with the achievements we have established as a pioneer in no-stock sales.


Why chooseTHE CKB


Manufacture and supply of high-quality products

We cooperate with Asahi Link, a major Japanese inspection company, to conduct quality control according to Japanese standards. We develop our own inspection standards to reassure our customers.


Same day delivery ASAP,Fastest delivery among peer

With more than 400 inspection staff and 1,300 robots operating automatic packing, we can complete the packing and shipping procedure on the next day even for customers who purchase a large amount of products.


Satisfaction No. 1 Dedicated staff and detailed correspondence

To reassure members to use our services, we have dedicated staff to provide comprehensive support close to the customer. In addition to chat support, video conferencing is also readily available, so you can speak directly to local Chinese.


Purchasing proposal and production cost reduction

We support procurement through supply chain introduction and product research. We use our own purchasing route to purchase products at a lower price than other companies, and support small-lot production specializing in apparel.

Advantageouscampaigns and benefitsare being held every month

Understand the charmTHE CKBof in 100 seconds

What kind of company is the SNIFF GROUP that operates THE CKB?
We will explain the service of THE CKB that solves the problem of the import business in the video.

THE CKB service


THE CKB are used by many customers.
We would like to introduce some testimonials and testimonials from our customers.

Suitable for

THE CKBprice plan

THE CKB offers 4 monthly fee plans to choose from.
In addition, we accept individual consultations regarding the diamond plan, which can be customized according to your needs.
We can handle both inventory sales and non-inventory sales with one plan.

Economy plan


There is no monthly fee, so feel free to try it out. Zero experience, zero capital, even beginners to China import business can use it without stress!

Reference purchase amount
300,000 yen or less/mo.

Premium plan


Recommended for customers who have just started importing business in China!
Please experience the service of THE direct flight that is particular about quality.

Reference purchase amount
300,000~1,000,000 yen/mo.

Business plan


Recommended for customers who are accustomed to the Chinese import business. From this plan, the stock agency fee is 0 yen, and the larger the purchase amount, the more advantageous the total charge!

Reference purchase amount
1-3 million yen/mo.

First plan


For business owners with large orders who consider importing from China as their business. Recommended for customers who run brands! We are available on both weekdays and weekends.

Reference purchase amount
2-3 million yen/mo.

Diamond plan

Fee individual consultation

We offer a full range of services and can be customized to your needs. After hearing the customer's product and work content, we will propose the best price for each customer.

Reference purchase amount
Over 3 million yen/month

Instructions for use

You can use THE direct flight service in just 4 steps!

Flow from order to product delivery

All you have to do is place an order and receive the product, so you can leave it to THE direct flight without any stress!

For normal purchase

When proceeding with OEM/ODM

Import articles

For any questions or concerns regarding THE CKB service, please contact us here.

Thank you, we have exceeded 35,000 system users! Smooth process from product selection to ordering and shipping!

Instructions for use

"I will explain the flow of using the service.You can start using it in as little as 5 minutes."

System guide

Click here for details on how to operate the system. Chat support is also available if you have any questions.


FAQS from new customers