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Operating company
China head office
杭州直行便供应链有限公司 Hangzhou the ckb supplychain Co., Ltd
Japan branch
24 million yuan Approx(as of May 8, 2022)
Number of employees
529 (as of May 8, 2022)
Related company
杭州史尼芙供应链有限公司(Sniff Supply Chain)
杭州直行便供应链有限公司(Direct Supply Chain)
杭州直行达供应链有限公司(Direct Supply Chain)
杭州史尼芙科技有限公司(Sniff Technology)
杭州朝光日服装整理有限公司 設立(in-house inspection company)
思凯彼国际物流杭州有限公司(own logistics company)
Main customer
Alibaba Group
Amazon Japan LLC
Kanematsu Corporation
Lovely Shoji
don quixote
Sugita Wire
ITOCHU Corporation
Cox Co., Ltd.
Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd.
Itsumo Co., Ltd.
Asahi Link Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Bank Rakuten Bank flower flag Bank
Business summary
・Representation of business related to product purchase such as purchase of finished products, local purchase, OEM/ODM
・Provision of services related to quality control such as product inspection and repair
・Provision of logistics-related services such as international transportation, customs procedures, and warehousing
・Provision of various services such as product photography, translation, system development, and shop management
We will move forward with the aim of expanding our business so that we can respond to Customer dependencies and requirements from Japanese customers and companies.

Message from the President

“We are able to provide the best service because of our proven track record and trust.”


In this world, some companies repeatedly “earn” and “cut” with the aim of maximizing profits.Some companies are born with the aim of "creating a better world". Obsessed with Sniff is the latter!

Based on our mission to make global trade easier, we would like to make all processes for Japan-China trade thoroughly transparent to the extent of our capabilities!
"A system that allows customers to check at any time, such as manufacturing costs and purchasing costs"
"Utilizing CAD technology for EC, anyone can design clothes, and flexible production from one piece"
"Realize inventory risk and cash flow balance adjustment on EC site with in-house developed sales forecast system"
"Product proposal ability is not left to human beings, but utilizes big data to automatically propose and increase adoption rate"
"Reduced deloivery time with warehouse AI robotization"
"Choose packaging materials from recycled materials"
"RFID based FBA delivery"

By June 2022, the number of registered users exceeded 35,000 companies, including each listed company, and it became clear that Sniff's existence is worth it. We have been the leading company among the peers for 3 years. It has been proved that the direction we are doing our best is right!

Customers often ask me, "How far will Sniff grow?" "Will Sniff be a listed company in the near future?" As a matter of fact, I am also have no accurate answer. However, one thing is certain that the answer is not about name recognition, amount of funds, annual sales, listing, etc., but about how many postive contributions we could make to this society and how much value we could create for some fileds in the world.
Therefore, THE CKB will continue to be a “startup company” for the next 10, 20, 30 years, and will continue to provide services that are “highly needed even if they do not exist” in the fields of trade and global e-commerce. I will make more and more, and I will do my best with the sniff members to focus on customer satisfaction and growth rather than scale expanding!


China Headquarters Hangzhou sniff supply chain Co., Ltd Bee Village, Yipeng Street, Qiantang New District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Japan branch office 株式会社SNIFF JAPAN 〒108-0075 東京都港区港南1丁目9番36号

For any questions or concerns regarding THE CKB service, please contact us here.

Thank you, we have exceeded 35,000 system users! Smooth process from product selection to ordering and shipping!

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"I will explain the flow of using the service.You can start using it in as little as 5 minutes."

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