Purchasing service

Our staff will help you find products

THE direct flight thoroughly researches the products that customers are looking for

THE purchase service for direct flights

Existing product purchase service

It is a service to purchase existing products from overseas. We will respond in Japanese for all product purchase requests and questions.

OEM/ODM service

It is a service that produces original products. We have business tie-ups with many factories that have a production track record, and we can handle small lots with short delivery times.

FBA drop shipping service

This is a direct delivery service to the FBA warehouse in Japan. Our professional staff will take care of the troublesome delivery work.

THE Reason why direct flights are chosen


With over 10 years of experience, we can reduce the burden of troublesome sales operations and support your company's mail order at a reasonable price, along with detailed services that save time.


A dedicated staff member will take responsibility and respond in Japanese. We have a thorough support system so that even those who use import agency for the first time can use it with peace of mind.


The web system developed by our company is a system that can manage a series of operations related to purchasing on the web. Through the system, the labor of purchasing work can be greatly reduced to one-fifth.

For any questions or concerns regarding THE CKB service, please contact us here.

Thank you, we have exceeded 35,000 system users! Smooth process from product selection to ordering and shipping!

Instructions for use

"I will explain the flow of using the service.You can start using it in as little as 5 minutes."

System guide

Click here for details on how to operate the system. Chat support is also available if you have any questions.


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