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THE CKB promotion service

Translation service

We provide translation services between Japan and China (Chinese to Japanese/Japanese to Chinese). We have staff who are fluent in Japanese and Chinese, and provide high-quality translation services at low prices.

Photography service

This is a product image shooting service that is indispensable for EC sales. In order to differentiate ourselves from other companies, we also offer product photography services with original models.

Import article service

We are sending useful information on our blog! From beginners to veteran sellers, we regularly provide original articles on the import business. If you are interested, please visit our blog.

The reason why customers choose THE CKB


As it becomes difficult to differentiate products and services, we will do our best to support your business growth based on our experience in import operations that we have cultivated over many years, not only in purchasing but also in sales promotion.


We have put in place a system to provide various types of support. Please contact us if you are considering cost reduction, labor reduction, operational efficiency improvement, etc. We will build a support system according to your needs.


In the practice of import business, various experiences such as knowledge and know-how are required. It is THE CKB that packages them and provides them!

For any questions or concerns regarding THE CKB service, please contact us here.

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Instructions for use

"I will explain the flow of using the service.You can start using it in as little as 5 minutes."

System guide

Click here for details on how to operate the system. Chat support is also available if you have any questions.


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