[Preliminary introduction NO.7] THE direct flight system official version new function

"THE direct flight system official version" will be released in early August 2022.

Prior to this, in this article, we will introduce the functions that are planned to be added and enhanced as soon as possible.


Fund management function

Built-in management of the funds of all stores with THE direct flight system.

It is possible to reduce time loss and wasteful work by collectively managing a series of operations related to ordering, such as application, approval, and settlement. You can easily check the balance of funds and the details of the use of funds at each store, and you can grasp the status of the use of funds in real time.  

By using the system, invoices are automatically created, making it possible to save labor in ordering operations. Since data is exchanged and managed, there is no need to worry about loss or storage space.  

The above new features and functional enhancements are scheduled to be implemented in "THE direct flight system official version".

Please look forward to the new THE direct flight system that will be even more convenient.

*Please note that this article is based on the current system development status, and may differ from the list of functions actually implemented in the new version.

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